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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I get the access code for registration? The access code is within the body of the email sent to you announcing this year's program. If you cannot locate or have forgotten your access code, you may send an email request with your name and your student's name to The technology department will email you the access code to the email address we currently have on file for your student. For security reasons, the school office will not give out or send the access code to anyone. Access codes are for "one time" use only when you register for the first time. You can then set your own user information and password. The Pike School may change the access code at any time as an added security benefit for parents.

  2. I forget or don't have my username or password. How do I retrieve them? Click on the "Forget your username or password?" link at the login screen. If you remember the email address you used to register with, you may retrieve your username and have a new password created for you. The system encrypts your password so no one can remind you what it was.

  3. Can I change my personal information? Yes. Log in to the site, then click on the "Profile" tab below the Pike icon. There, you will see buttons to edit your information.

  4. I registered, but no one lives near me, so I can’t find anyone to carpool with. What do I do? Check back often as families will continually be registering and you might find someone to share a ride.

  5. I prefer to call rather than email to find a carpool? To assist in the security of the site for the sake of our families, emailing is the only initial option for reaching another family. Certainly, through email communication, parents may choose to share additional information.

  6. Are only Pike families allowed to participate? Yes, only current Pike families have been sent the email access code for the site. They may choose to register and participate, or not.

  7. Does The Pike School guarantee the information of the registered participants? No, The Pike School does not guarantee any information that has been input by registered users. Furthermore, The Pike School will not divulge or verify information about another family. It is up to the registered users, at their sole discretion, to satisfy themselves of the validity of another user's information and they should do so prior to agreeing to a carpool arrangement.

  8. How is the gas saving amount calculated? It's based on the round trip distance of your trip, the average 20 mpg mileage, and the corresponding average gas price of the state of origin. The assumption is made that the carpool is five days per week and participants share the carpooling equally.

  9. How is the CO2 amount calculated? The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that driving 1 mile at the average 20 mpg generates about 1 pound of CO2 in emissions. See the EPA Emissions Calculator at

  10. Families who withdraw from The Pike School will have their information removed from this website.